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Open-heart whole heartedly provides help and assistance to the people ravaged by natural disasters such as flood, tornado, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earth quake etc…

We conduct medical camps, seminars to diagnose and treat dreadful diseases like AIDS, CANCER, TUBERCLOSES, DIABETES, HEPATITIS, SWINEFLU, MALARIA and CHICKENGUNYA etc.., but create awareness among the people as to how to protect themselves and the fellow citizens.

Open heart is proudly launching a self employment program for poor and unemployed in the society. Also provide assistance to individual urban poor beneficiaries for setting up gainful self employment. Our intention is to create a sense of brotherhood, Co-operation, natural harmony, love and affection among the members of the society and general public.

Our intention is to promote awareness about rich Indian culture by conducting adult education classes, Lectures and seminars in the socially and economically backwards areas of our society.

We conduct medical camps to provide free medication and other medical facilities. Open heart’s eye and blood collection and distribution system is to help, ensure adequate supply of eye and blood for accident victims, people needing surgery and people suffering from certain diseases free of cost.

Corruption has become a legacy passed over from one generation to other and today it has reached gigantic proportions in Indian Society. Transparency is a fundamental element in abolishing corruption. Hence, OPEN HEART decided to start the awareness programs to prevent corruption in the society.

The trust serves with the sole motto of ………..
“Every day to help eradicate hunger by giving food and hope to helpless needy”.
“Every small contribution made by us should make people’s lives happy and comfortable”.
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