Funds Management

Activities of Branches:

  •   Every unit of the Open heart Social Organization & Charitable Trust will have to work as per guidance and supervision of the Head Office of the Organisation.
  •   All units will function according to bye-laws of the Trust board of head office only.
  •   All units shall convene meetings at least four times in a year.
  •  They have to conduct Health Camps, Awareness Camps, Blood Donation Camps and Eye camps at free of cost.
  •   They have to coordinate with officials of State/Central Governments to ensure schemes of the Government reach the public at the grass root level.
  •   To conduct Sports Meet and encourage Sports activity for the youth.
  •  To promote Self Help Groups and create self employment opportunities and guide them to be self sufficient in their endeavors.
  •   To conduct public programmes to promote personal and national integrity in the minds of the all citizens.

Funds Management:

  •   Donations would be collected to meet the administrative expenses from those who willing to donate on their own.
  •   All accounts should be operated through bank only.
  •   Treasurer of Head office and designated person of branches will compile all accounts and submit them to the Trust board.
  •   Cash receipts to be given for all the donations and obtain vouchers for all the expenses of the trust without any omission.
  •   All accounts will be audited by the Auditors appointed by the Trust Board.


  •  The meetings and functions will be presided over by the President in the presence of other office bearers of the Head office/Branches.
  •   Board of Trustees will be the chief guests of these meetings.
  •   The Committees should send all the photographs, Video CDs and news items to the Trust Board immediately after the meetings / functions are over.
  •   No Meeting should be conducted based on caste, creed, religion and political affiliations. The meetings should be arranged based on social development of down trodden / under privileged in the society without any bias.
  •   Meetings should be conducted at the village levels.
  •  The meetings should be organized to achieve social development by way of removing Social evils amidst the society and make every citizen to be self sustained.