Vision and Mission


“To reach the unreached, to care for the uncared”


Openheart social organisation & charitable trust exists to address the rights and self-reliance of disadvantaged group especially old age people, Widow’s, Orphan children. The trust intends to assist the self-help groups, and who are suffering from dreadful health complications such as Leprosy, TB, Malaria, Cancer, HIV/AIDS. We are conducting awareness programs on HIV/AIDS and prevention. We propose to attend to the needs of disabled and arrange cyclone rehabilitation shelters in Urban Slums.


We train young men and women from grass root level with a systematic and effective teaching of community organisation. At present they are undergoing training and are involved in field work in forming care cells in order to establish a caring community in their respective places. We support rural women to reach economic independence. Women get training in manufacturing paper toys and clay products. This is happening in a large common space. The major twin objectives of the Society is to empower the rural women through skill training and education, and assist handicapped people to lead a sustainable life by giving them skill to earn a decent income. We facilitate medication to the lepers & extending our support in times of need to the old people. The trust serves the poor in slums and rural areas with a goal to empower them to be self-reliant. Now the services of the trust are gradually extending to nearby villages, on the basis of their need.