Openheart Social Organisation & Charitable Trust is a concept which has taken its form from a serious Consequence. A massive destruction done by the tsunami 2004, in various parts of India, majorly at Manginapudi in Machilipatnam, Singaraikonda in Prakasam district moved the heart of Mr. Nandakishore Raasamsetty. They made their contribution in helping the tsunami affected people. Five years later Laila Cyclone which affected East Coast of the Indian Peninsula made so many people homeless. Then too, the couple served and arranged rehabilitation for so many deprived people. This paved a way for the establishment of this organisation. The thought to help the helpless inspired Mr. Nandakishore Raasamsetty to found the Openheart Social Organisation & Charitable Trust. Within a year, the thought became into a reality and on August 19, 2010 the Openheart Social Organisation was established to help poor and needy.